We got a packet in the mail from CCAI yesterday. Wow! Their information was so helpful. Detailed information about the entire adoption process, the money and where it all goes. It was nice to get such detailed information. They also included a list of references we could email or contact. I thought it looked great. If we decide to go with a Special Needs adoption from China, I am leaning towards Lifeline or CCAI. They both seem to have great online reputations, and I know families who have adopted through both agencies and have been very happy.

I just can’t wait to see where God leads us in this adoption. I want to know the continent or the country. I am hoping by the time that we actually start the application process we will know for sure which direction He is leading us.

I get so excited just thinking about this child. We are waiting for you little one!






2 thoughts on “CCAI

  1. We are adopting through Lifeline Children’s Services – if this is the one you are referring to…..We love Lifeline! They are amazing! We spent two years praying and researching and chose to apply to Lifeline at the end of May! We know this is where God led us! They are so Christ centered and have such a heart for the mission to care for orphans! If you have any questions, I would be glad to share our experience with you! God bless you as you choose!

  2. Thank you for the input on Lifeline. We have met with Lifeline Children’s Services and loved them! I greatly appreciate the info. God bless you guys in your adoption as well!

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