Here’s to waiting…

I started this blog before we even filled out the first application. I wanted to be able to record everything that set us down this path. I wanted to remember all of the little things and big things that reassured us that this is where God was leading. There are many things in my life that I feel like I am unclear on, but this is certainly not one of them.

From our meeting with Lifeline back on July 13, 2012, to the months before when we started feeling this tugging at our hearts. These are all things that I want our child to be able to look back on later and to see that our hearts were filled with love and compassion for them before we ever saw his or her first picture.

We haven’t chosen an agency. We haven’t chosen a country. We are just waiting. Why the wait? Well, right now we are working to save money (not all of the money needed of course), but we certainly wanted to save as much as we could before starting the process so that we could know that we are good to get started.

As happy as I am to be saving, it is very hard to just wait. My heart wants to download an application today and fill it all out, but my mind knows that is not the smartest thing to do.

I recently started teaching at my church’s preschool. This not only allows my kids to go there, but it also allows us to have additional money to save for our adoption. I am so thankful for this job, and I pray I can be as much of a blessing to these kids as I know they will be to me.

So here’s to waiting…not my favorite thing to do, but something I will certainly get better at.

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