We aren’t promised tomorrow

God is good. God is good. God is good. I just keep telling myself that. This weekend was rough. A couple at our church lost their 9 day old baby. It was unexpected, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Tonight I have been hugging my kids a little tighter – telling them, “I love you,” a few more times, and just staring at them doing all of the little things they do because I don’t want to miss a second.

I don’t know why little babies die. I don’t know why orphans are living in orphanages all over the world with no one to love them. We won’t know this side of heaven, but I know God has a plan and that every thing has a purpose and every life and every death happens to point people to Him.

Hug those around you and pray for those who don’t have someone hugging on them. It’s a big deal. That’s why the Lord told us that true religion is caring for the orphan, because it is important. God sets the lonely in families…

Hope ya’ll had a blessed Monday. Of course another Steven Curtis Chapman song says it beautifully…

With Hope

This Is Not At All How
We Thought It Was Supposed To Be
We Had So Many Plans For You
We Had So Many Dreams
And Now You’ve Gone Away
And Left Us With The Memories Of Your Smile
And Nothing We Can Say
And Nothing We Can Do
Can Take Away The Pain
The Pain Of Losing You But

We Can Cry With Hope
We Can Say Goodbye With Hope
‘Cause We Know Our Goodbye Is Not The End Oh No
And We Can Grieve With Hope
‘Cause We Believe With Hope
There’s A Place By God’s Grace
There’s A Place Where We’ll See Your Face Again
We’ll See Your Face Again

And Never Have I Known
Anything So Hard To Understand
And Never Have I Questioned More
The Wisdom Of God’s Plan
But Through The Cloud Of Tears
I See The Father’s Smile And Say Well Done
And I Imagine You
Where You Wanted Most To Be
Seeing All Your Dreams Come True
‘Cause Now You’re Home
And Now You’re Free And

We Have This Hope As An Anchor
‘Cause We Believe That Everything
God Promised Us Is True So

We Wait With Hope
And We Ache With Hope
We Hold On With Hope
We Let Go With Hope


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