What country?

This question has been weighing on our hearts for months and months. We thought and prayed and prayed and thought and waited. Ethiopia, China, Haiti etc…

This was so hard. I just wanted to find the child that God has for us. This is where you see me hoping and praying for a major sign. You know – the kind of sign you can’t miss where the skies pull apart and God handwrites the name of the country with stars and you leave the evening knowing that you know that _______ country is THE country.

Well, I think what made the decision hard was that we were open to anything. We really were open to boy or girl. Skin color was not an issue for us. Being a transracial family is not an issue for us. The world was our oyster…at least as far as adopting goes.

The only problem for us was that we didn’t have that tingly feeling that God was calling us to _______ country like so many people do. We just couldn’t figure it out.

Well on September 30, 2012, we attended an adoption and fostering seminar at a local church. During the evening they showed a video of a family who had adopted from China. After we got in the car to go home, my husband said – “It’s China. I don’t care about anything…we will figure it out. I just know it is China.”

I had tears in my eyes. I had sent him a text about 3 days earlier. My text said, “Yep, it’s China.” I had been praying and just kept feeling like it was China…but no proof; it was just in my heart. The next day, I was taking my son to the doctor and as I walked in the doctor’s office three little chinese children were walking out and when I saw them my heart just jumped with excitement…it is just one of those things – when you know you know. I guess it is like when you find your spouse.

At first, China Special Needs was scary to us, but now I think it was just the unknown that was scary. The more families that I see who have gone down this path say it is the best experience in the world to adopt a child with Special Needs from China. So after more research and prayer, it doesn’t seem scary at all. I just want to go get my precious pumpkin and bring him/her home FOREVER!! China here we come!


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