Step 1: We have officially applied!!! Whoop Whoop!

There really aren’t words on days like today. It was surreal. I am grateful. I am amazed. I am blessed.

We have officially been on this journey towards adoption for 11 months. Last February (2012), God began speaking into our hearts this beautiful adoption plan, and today we took a step of faith and filled out our official application to adopt a toddler from Korea. The application was submitted along with a family picture, tax returns and a picture of our home.

Please join us in prayer as we wait to find out if we can be officially accepted into the program.

To our little blessing,

Tonight your sweet daddy prayed for you (and you have one amazing daddy). He thanked God for you and for bringing us to this important, beautiful day. He prayed that your little heart would already start being prepared to love us, and that you would somehow know that you have a family waiting for you. I know this will be a long journey, but you should know that you are TOTALLY worth the wait and we can’t wait to find you and bring you home.

With all my love,



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