Need a change…

I want to change my blog so badly. I am not happy with it. What I thought I wanted out of a blog when I first started this one and what I am wanting now are two totally different things. The bad part is that I don’t know for sure what I want to do next. I think I want something that can just be a personal blog for me. A blog where I can talk about my personal take on situations. Where I can share Bible verses and things that are on my heart. Of course, our adoption and Ben and Sydney would continue to be a part of that…but I don’t think I want an “adoptive family” type of page like I thought I did at the beginning.

I am still thinking of the best thing to do…hmmmm I will let you know if I figure it out. ha!

We got a bunch of paperwork in the mail today. It is starting to feel real and hardcore. I am convinced I have the best and most sweet friends in the world. Thanks for your sweet emails and comments. I am so grateful for y’all!!



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