Just a little taste of what it’s like…

Before I started the adoption process, I always wondered what the paperwork would be like. I had heard there was a lot of it. So, just in case you were wondering what I have been up to, here is a little idea of what things we have to do in the next week or so:

Autobiographies, financial statements, child motivation statements, background checks, child abuse checks for AL, VA, CT, AR, fingerprints, notarize, medical exams (x4), TB test, birth certificates, marriage certificate, tax returns, IDs, 19 training hours, health insurance proof of adopted child coverage, employment letters, adoption agency agreements, guardian letter, post placement agreement forms etc…etc…etc…

And this is on top of our house being for sale, working 5 days a week and having two kids under 5. Some days I feel like I may not even actually live to tell about all of this. ha!

Prayers would be appreciated while we are getting everything together. I am not going to lie. There are days when all of this just feels overwhelming, but one step at a time we will get it done. Then I can come back to you and say…it is SO worth it! Let’s all adopt because this paperwork is a piece of cake compared to the joys that come down the line.

I love each of you guys and appreciate you so much!

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