It is all starting to feel real

Just another update so I can keep track of where we are in this process. We almost have all of our online adoption training done. I have one more two hour class and then I will be done with the online training. We are also scheduled to head to our training seminar next weekend so that should be very eye opening. We are going to make the night before a date night so I am really looking foward to our dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and just spending some time with my hubby.

Today I took the kids in for their medical exams for the adoption. Our pediatrician talked with me about the effects of the adoption on Sydney and Ben and what things I need to be thinking about. We discussed traveling with Sydney and he went ahead and prescribed some medication that she might need while we are gone (to China). Even though it is still a LONG way a way, today was the first day that it felt real. I spoke with someone outside of really close family and friends and it was just nice to hear him say that he thinks we will be fine. We talked about what to do once we get the referral and he gave me his email so that we can shoot the referral to him as soon as we get it. It just became really real today. It was such a special day.

Daniel and I had discussed the pros and cons of taking Sydney with us on our trip to China. A main reason we considered not taking her was just the financial aspect of it. But after talking with our pediatrician today, I feel strongly that she needs to come with us. He felt like it would not only be really good for her, but that it would be really good for our child we are adopting as well. He said that he thinks it will put our baby more at ease having another child around as we go to all of the appointments and such. He also felt like Sydney would be at a really hard age for us to leave her for such a long time to do something as big as this. I agree. So, that is the direction I am headed for now. It could always change, but I definitely see the benefits of taking our sweet girl with us on this adventure. I wish Ben was old enough to come, but there is no way we could handle him and the new baby on that long of a flight. As the pediatrican said…at that point me and Daniel would be out numbered. ha!




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