Update: International Adoption Clinic

So today was AWESOME! We attended the International Adoption Clinic at UAB. We got to listen to Dr. Chambers (who has adopted two girls from China), a social worker (an adoptee from Korea), an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and a family therapist (also an adoptive mother) tell us all about children who have lived in an orphanage setting and what we need to look for and expect. The information was priceless and just getting to meet them and talk to them and ask questions…it was a great experience for us. There are so many things going through my mind about sleeping, eating, adjusting, attaching, traveling, behavior, medical exams etc… but I am so so thankful that we went. I felt so thankful that we live so close to Birmingham and will be able to take advantage of all UAB has to offer for internationally adopted children. They have a cleft team if that is something we end up needing. She also spoke very highly heart doctor as well. It was great.

Other families had driven far…from Mississippi and Georgia. There was one family adopting from Ethiopia. Three families adopting from China. One family adopting from Ukraine and then one other family adopting from South Korea.

The presenters were all coming from a christian perspective and they kept saying things like “if you are called to this child…” and “blessing” and “joy.” It was so refreshing to be around people who are all as excited about adoption as I am. People who believe in it and who have seen it be a beautiful thing. They gave us some great ideas and great resources.

We are officially finished with the training portion. I just need to send in our little certificate. I wonder how long it will be before we are assigned a social worker? I am ready to get these home visits under my belt. For some reason, that is so nerve wracking to me.

God is going to have to bring our child through all of this. God is the healer and I am praying that he will heal our little precious and that he will provide families for all of these sweet kids that need families. So much is going on in my head and heart tonight.


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