The Name Game & A Special Day

Today is our sweet Sydney’s birthday. She is 6!!! I can hardly believe I have a six year old. There are days I am sure I am still in Jr. High. I can’t be the mother of a 6 year old. It is crazy!! But, you must know that everyday since she came into our lives she has brought us so much joy and laughter and love that we didn’t even know we had. Sydney made me a mommy and I think that is one of the greatest blessings in life. There really is no greater gift. Being a mommy is hard, but there is no other job that has brought me greater joy. So, happy birthday sweet Sydney and keep shining! I love you!! – Mommy

On an adoption side note, I love NAMES. I mean I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT IS SCARY. Did all of those caps get my point across? I love names. Even when I don’t have a baby to name, I think about naming other peoples’ babies and then I critique the names I hear. Then I pray no one saw my kids’ names and said, “Ewwwhhhhhh, I wonder why she named them that?” Fingers crossed that has never happened.

Anyhooo, lately I have been thinking of names for our little pumpkin head overseas, and “overseas pumpkin head” just won’t do. So, I have narrowed it down to 3 names that I love like crazy. If you think I am going to tell you on the blog, you have lost your minds. I am not telling just yet. I have to wait to see the little person first. But, I just wanted to say I love names. So, if you have any business ideas for me or a way I could make money by naming other peoples’ babies…please let me know. Adoption fundraiser anyone? LOL!! Just kidding or maybe that was a little bit of genius.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


One thought on “The Name Game & A Special Day

  1. I AM SO THE SAME WAY! Only, I keep telling my husband names and he is like, “You only get to pick ONE MORE!” ha ha! God bless you on your journey to your little pumpkin!

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