First home study in the books – March 9, 2013

With my last post, I was waiting in sweet (nervous) anticipation about our first home study (Saturday, March 9, 2013) appointment. I wanted to let you all know that I think it went great. Our social worker was super awesome and I love her! She made us feel comfortable and at ease. She seems to have a genuine love for these kids and she is just a blessing.

The home study so far hasn’t been bad at all. She has given us things to think about. We have talked about whether or not Sydney should travel. We talked about things we should buy in China (artwork for our home, a necklace for our daughter’s wedding day – maybe one for Sydney too, gifts for future gotcha days etc. I loved talking about all of those things. It makes it feel so real. I know its real but talking to someone outside of our family about it just makes me want to squeal with excitement.

We discussed how this will all play out for Syd and Ben and what we need to think about in the future. What resources are available to us. Just the many things there are to say. She went through our home and just looked at the rooms. It was pretty painless. I don’t know what I was so worried about. It was fine.

I told my mom just a few days ago that I can truly feel God throughout this process. I just feel like he is placing the exact people in our lives at the exact right moments. Nothing about this adoption happened the way I thought it would. The agency isn’t what I thought, the home study agency isn’t what I thought, the country changed after our application and before our application…but I just see God holding our hands through it all. Each person I meet I think – wow this is exactly who I would have hand-picked for this. From the international doctor – Dr. Chambers, to our pediatrician here in huntsville to our social worker to everyone at Holt, to the other adoptive families in Huntsville that God is bringing into our lives. It has just been one blessing after another after another. UNBELIEVABLE. I am so so grateful!!


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