T-minus one day and counting…

I wanted to give a little update with just one day left before the big yard sale. My garage is packed! My dining room is packed! We are BLESSED beyond belief. I have been to one friend’s house 3 times because she kept calling me after she went through more stuff. I have another friend who is painting a coffee table and is selling it on Craigslist because she wants to help (who does that????!!). I have 3 friends and my mom who are coming the day of the sale to help out (you have to really love a friend to be at their yard sale on your one Saturday off from work). We have a coffee table, an end table, a twin mattress set, small strollers, a Sony surround system, a desk, a Bowflex workout machine, more books than I have ever seen, movies, clothing for days…it is seriously unbelievable what you guys have done for our family. I am literally just amazed by all of this. Everyday I have left work with an armload of items. Everyday I get home and someone has brought items to our home. I just don’t even know what to say.

I can’t wait. Hope to see all of you at the Hampton Cove yard sale on Saturday!! yay!!!


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