A yardsale Debrief – Get ready to cry (happy tears)

The yard sale ended several hours ago and I am just now sitting down to write out all that happened. I have got to remember EVERYTHING because I don’t EVER want to forget what this day was like.

The day started off crazy. I was up at 4 wide awake and just staring into the dark wondering what this day would hold and praying that God would bless it. I also was up just hoping that no one that donated items for the sale would be somehow disappointed in the amount of money we were able to raise. I know they wouldn’t have been disappointed, but it still crossed my mind.

Then at 5:00 I was getting ready and by 5:45 we were moving cars and getting everything pulled out of the garage. We hadn’t gotten 1/4 of the stuff out when we already had lots of people milling around the driveway. By 6:30 items were selling like hotcakes and by 7:30 most of the super nice items were already GONE. I was taking money and making change as fast as I possibly could and it still wasn’t fast enough. I called my mom at one point with a plea – “where are you??????” She was almost there – thank goodness! Once she showed up things got better. We both could take money and Daniel continued to bring items out of the garage and dining room.

By 8 most of the major items were sold and my friends showed up to help. A huge thank you to: Ada, Farrah, Traci and my Mom for showing up bright and early to help me. At that point we had 2 or 3 people that could take money at all times and it was ROCKIN!!

**This is Family Mush so feel free to skip over.** I also need to put this down just so our daughter will know – Your daddy worked SOOOOOOO hard this week! He loves you SOOOOO much. I just can’t tell you how excited he is and how much he loves you already. Everything he does has you in mind. So, all that to say…you are one loved little girl and we can’t wait to get you home!!!! **End of Family Mush**

Now for the cool stories – This sweet lady (soon to be a friend-but I have NEVER seen or met her before) was shopping, and as I was checking her out she begins telling me that she is also adopting from China – AND SHE LIVES JUST DOWN THE ROAD!!! I was so excited. Then she pays for her items. So, I begin talking to her friend who was next to her and while I am talking to her friend the LADY who is ADOPTING (just like me -and has to come up with the same amount of money) was writing me a check to help with MY adoption (when she owes the same amount of money we do)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started crying like a bumbling idiot. We hugged. I cried some more. I felt so incredibly humbled and so incredibly blessed. I just thought WOW to be that generous. God is definitely using this experience to work on my heart and my generosity with others. You consider yourself a generous person until something like this happens and then you realize how much more “growing” you (I) have to do.

Anyways, so that was super cool thing number 1. Then Julie shows up and she starts selling things like crazy. She sells her Bowflex. She sells her light up Santa. She is basically AMAZING at yard sales! ha!! LOVE YOU JULIE!!!

Then I had a ton of friends show up…and y’all there is nothing that makes you feel more loved than lot of people showing up just to “show that they care.” I mean I don’t think I have ever felt more loved by God or His people in my life. Every time I turned around someone new that I love was standing in my driveway just saying “I care.” So thank you to: Rebecca, Nathan, Eliana, Sara, Whitney, Jessie and Kyle, Ms. Shelly and Mr. Greg, Jeff, Beth, Melanie & Holden, Anica and Chad.

Then a very special part of my day happened, some of our dear friends we haven’t seen in a long time showed up and they made me cry with a HUGE donation and so I basically spent the morning crying and saying “I LOVE YOU” to all of the people who I love so much! It was awesome! It was a blessing and I just want to spend life trying to be as generous to others as they were to me. It was a moment I will never forget for sure.

So, here is the moral of the story: Yard sales are TONS of work. Did you hear me? Tons of work, BUT it is amazing what can happen when lots of people join together to make something AWESOME happen. I am so grateful, thankful and amazed. God deserves the highest praise for all He did today. Praise the LORD for all He has done!!!

Today our grand total was $3,377.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This amount covers our entire next payment due to Holt International (which is $3,000) plus a few hundred extra that can go towards the amounts we owe Villa Hope! I am over the moon and this relieves a lot of stress! So, thank you everyone for your prayers, your donations, for showing up, for up-selling, for a long day! To be honest, there just aren’t words for a day like today!




2 thoughts on “A yardsale Debrief – Get ready to cry (happy tears)

  1. Ok, I’m going to add some “family mush” for your future daughter. Your mom loves you so much already! She lights up when she talks about you, and she worked so hard on this yard sale! You will be so proud of your mom. She is one amazing lady, and I am blessed to call her friend!

    God is so so good, and I can’t wait to meet this sweet daughter of yours!

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