We picked a name and the I-800A (a new wait begins)

So, this last week one of my dearest friends had a baby. She decided to be surprised at the birth to find out the gender. So, we all waited to find out what the little person was going to be. She finally has the baby on Sunday morning and we find out it’s a GIRL! Then we find out that said girl has NO NAME!!! How does this happen? How do you not have a name picked out? Seriously Rebecca…HOW? ha!

I only ask because I could NEVER wait to pick a name. I definitely can’t wait to find out a baby’s gender and I surely can’t not know by the day the baby comes. I am apparently not “laid back.” Poor little baby had to wait until social security was beating down the door to get a stinking name…ha! Now, it turns out that they gave her a gorgeous name. I love it. It was definitely worth the wait. But good gravy miss molly that is ri-donk-U-lous (love you Bec)!!

My poor husband. From the moment we started talking about adoption a year and 5 months ago, I started talking about names. I have probably driven the poor man insane from talking about names.

We have decided to name our little girl Elizabeth Grace. She will go by just “Eliza” – similar to “just Ben” but this is just the girl version. ha!! Elizabeth is Daniel’s mom’s first name and my mom’s middle name. Grace is my Susan’s maiden name…so our little girl will be named after our moms and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Both names have the PERFECT meaning for her and we are so thrilled to be able to give her the first thing that says “You are ours.” You know with adoption…you don’t have a pregnant belly. You don’t have the same things that you do with a pregnancy so the naming is something that has been a very special part of this journey. We hope y’all like it as much as we do.

It’s actually funny how we fell in love with “Eliza.” When we were researching adoption from China last year, we stumbled on a YouTube video of a family who had adopted a little girl from China named “Elyza” well she absolutely stole our hearts. They showed her opening her gifts on Christmas morning and they lived in Tennessee. She seriously might have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was the first time we looked at each other and just knew we were headed to China. So, Eliza Grace…you got your name from a YouTube video and from your grandmothers and I would say that is pretty special and something to be proud of.

P.S. Today was a big day. Our I-800A made it to USCIS. So, heres to the wait for our fingerprint appointment. Our fingers are crossed that USCIS will be moving especially fast as we are sooooooo excited to find out who you are and to get to CHINA to see your sweet face (someday)!! Yay!!!

One thought on “We picked a name and the I-800A (a new wait begins)

  1. Love! I knew a girl in high school whose name was Eliza. I have always loved it! My cousin’s little girl (she’s 16! ha!) is named Elizabeth Grace, so I think it’s a great name! 🙂 (And I would have like the name you picked even if it didn’t have any “meaning” to me!)

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