Biometric fingerprinting…now that just sounds official!

I just don’t think this day could have been any crazier. I woke up with gunk in my eye and eyelid crusted over and swollen eyelid and red throbbing scratchy eyeball. Oh it was so much fun. Then I texted my boss and said…check out my eyeball and she said…don’t come in. ha! So, I spent the morning at the eye doctor who then said I can’t wear my contacts. I responded with, I don’t have glasses and he said well you better get some really fast. So, then I began the marathon eye glass search. Praying I wouldn’t wreck on the way to find someone who could make me eyeglasses in an hour (and except our insurance). Hooray for Eyemart Express. They actually had glasses ready for me in 20 minutes. I told them I was desperate and they were so sweet and rushed them for me. So, yay!!! So three Rite Aid trips later and two trips to Eyemart Express and I now have my meds and glasses. And am at home sweet home.

But you were not really here to read about crusted over eyelids were you…so back to the good stuff. So when I got home, our USCIS fingerprint appointment cards were in the mailbox!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!! We get to go to Birmingham on May 28th!!! One step closer my peeps! Who knew driving 2 hours to get fingerprints and driving 2 hours home could be so stinking exciting! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the adoption process, this is a HUGE step and a BIG deal because nothing can really happen until these are done. So give one big – Whoop Whoop for this appointment card!!

Just wanted to give an update. Ok sweet Eliza – Hang in there because mama and daddy are so stinking close to getting this dossier to China!!!!


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