Both Hands Kick-Off Meeting

Today was the kick-off meeting for our Both Hands Project. What. A. Day.

Literally about five minutes before the meeting started, I had a man from church (who I didn’t know) come and tell me that he could get me the appliances that we need for Ms. Mattie. What???!!! Then he goes on to tell me that he can get the appliances. Install them. That he is an electrician And he is a plumber. And did I want his number?…LOL

I obviously got his number. It was like a stinking angel sent by God to save the day. I am sure he wouldn’t agree with that statement, but to a girl who is just trying to figure out a way to get some appliances and a plumber and an electrician to a widow’s house in desperate need and then someone walks up and says…by the way I can do all of that for you and I WANT to. Are you kidding me? I said, “I think I’m gonna cry.” He says, “don’t cry.” And then walks away. It was seriously AWESOME! I mean you wake up and you pray that God will bring the right people at the right time and then he does it and you just stand there with your mouth hanging open in total awe of what just happened.

He literally walked off and I thought to myself – did that really just happen????!!! And I have pinched myself many times since this morning and it turns out it was 100% real!

Our meeting was great. We had a room full and a list of volunteers at the end ready to serve in any way. It was really incredible. I am just completely and totally AMAZED watching God work in this! God is awesome and He keeps showing us OVER AND OVER that He has got this! I 100% believe that He does. He knows Eliza. He loves her more than I love her. He wants her to have a family. He sets the lonely in families…remember? I just can’t wait until the day that I can see her…

I called Ms. Mattie to tell her about how great the meeting went and that God had provided a room full of people ready to come help her. She said, “Well sweetie, if my knees were better I would just be jumping up and down praising Jesus.” Don’t you just love her already? I’m telling you – as sweet as pie. I just can’t wait to see how surprised she is when we get finished. She isn’t going to believe it.

If you want to support our family in this project, please go here: Daniel and Jenna Shepard Both Hands Project

If you want to learn more about the Both Hands Foundation go here.

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