D to the T to the C!! (Dossier to China)

Adoption update: On Friday, August, 16th 2013 our dossier went to China!! I got the call at about 5 p.m. that the dossier was on its way. This is FANTASTIC news because it is everything we have been working towards since January. But the VERY VERY best part is that now we are just waiting on the call to find out we have been matched with our daughter. This could take a month or it could take several months. There is no way to know for sure because so many factors play into it, but that’s ok. Just rest assured that we will let you know as soon as we do. We are so excited.

Our agency has been truly amazing throughout this part of the process. I am convinced that Holt International’s China program is one of the very best. We have been completely and totally happy with the service and attention to detail that this agency has provided to our family. The first picture below is of Amy. She has been with me since the beginning. She has held my hand (over the phone) through every single step of this process and I absolutely am so grateful for her. She has been so encouraging and so awesome. This is a picture of her holding our Dossier right before it flew away to China. I wanted to get her picture for Eliza’s lifebook. Look how happy Amy was to go along with my craziness. I am telling you…adore her! 🙂

Dossier with Amy Castle

These next two pics are just to show the seals that we had to get on our documents. The first is of the Alabama seals.


This one shows the Chinese seal. I just think this is so neat. When I saw this I just got little chills because it is really really real people! Adoption is like a pregnancy in so many ways. And so very different in other ways. This is just such a huge step for us. No morning sickness, but my jeans are tighter. LOL! Yay for all of these pretty seals!!

Authentication sticker Dossier China


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