Donations are coming in…Wowzers!!

So, I just wanted to give a little update on what has been going on. Ok, it is AWESOME. Here is the situation. Ms. Mattie’s house needs lots of TLC. We have put the call out there and people with some HUGE hearts have responded in a BIG amazing way! We have a BIG team joining us to work on Ms. Mattie’s home and we have had a great response so far for supplies too!

Here are the supply donations we have received so far:

1. Sam’s Club – $25

2. Kemp’s Flooring – Bathroom Flooring

3. South Parkway Home Depot – $100 in supplies and a mailbox with shiny new numbers

4. A sweet family in Huntsville – W-A-T-E-R Heater!!! – Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

5. Another sweet family – Stove/Range, Dishwasher, Countertops!!!! (INSERT HUGE SMILE HERE)

6. North Parkway Home Depot – Interior Paints & $100 worth of flowers

7. Chick-fil-a at Parkway City Mall – can you say LUNCH for our team on project day!

8. Kelly Family – Light fixtures

9. DataPro – Printing of letters

Look at how many people have already come together to bring this little girl home and to love on Ms. Mattie!! Can you guys even believe it? I am so incredibly grateful for all of the sweet people who are making this project happen. Whether it is one of our sweet teen girls who babysat so we could have the meeting or whether it is the sweet couples at church who have been so generous to support us financially – God is moving mountains and has given us such great hope throughout this project. Thank you all so very very much!

We still have a long way to go, but this is such a great start on our supplies! For those who are praying, please be praying for exterior paint and paint supplies (brushes, rollers, plastic, spackle etc…). We have contacted all of the Huntsville Lowes stores and I am hoping one of them will come through on the exterior paint supplies that we need. We are talking with Sherwin Williams, Costco, Publix and others regarding supplies. Keep those prayers coming!! 🙂

I also want to put one more plug out there for adoption. If you want to adopt and have the money – Whoop- and I would love to talk with you! If you are wanting to adopt and have the love to give an adopted child but money is stopping you, please go back and look at our story. God has moved mountains for us…really BIG SCARY mountains. He will do the same for you. I almost let the financial part of adoption keep me from moving forward. I almost let that number scare me out of even trying. I am so thankful that we kept moving forward. If you have any questions about adoption, I hope you will contact me. We aren’t home with our little one yet, but I will be happy to help in any way I can. I can send you to resources. I can suggest agencies. I can give you ideas for fundraising…just let me know if I can help.

Children need families. If we don’t, who will? Just something to think about. Hugs to all who have given their time to help with this project. I am forever grateful.

Blessings y’all!


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