To my littlest love!

Sweet Baby E,

When we first got your picture and saw your little face, you were 2 days shy of 8 months old. And yesterday, you turned 9 months old. The days are going by and you are growing up everyday. When I look at Sydney and Ben, I am reminded that you are reaching your own milestones, and I am not getting to see them. Let’s just add a little plea here (PLEASE CHINA…We NEED THAT LOA!!!!).

We received an update from our agency and it said you have 2 teeth and are crawling!!! What?? That’s awesome baby girl! Look at you rocking out life. We also received 3 little videos of you (totaling 3 minutes), which we watch almost every night. We think of you and pray for you and we pray for your precious foster parents every day. In your videos, you are in a walker and you can seriously – move it!! Those little legs are just a going. You also break into the most sweet little smile at one point in the video and my heart just melted. It does my heart so much good to see you happy and healthy and move’n and groove’n. You are just my little hero. You have been through so much and have so many hurdles, yet your life is just a testimony to what LOVE can do! I have no doubt sweet girl that God has created you for a beautiful purpose. And that you are going to bring JOY to so so so many people just by being you!

I never dreamed that God would give me a journey as beautiful as this one. I am not deserving of this mission and God knows there are millions of others who are more perfect mommies than I am yet for some reason I am the person chosen to get YOU! How lucky am I to get to be your mommy? Let me just tell you. I’m the luckiest mommy there is.

I can’t wait for you to get here. We are going to have so much fun!

I love you to pieces!



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