Daddy’s Turn

So, I have never really been one to write down my thoughts, concerns, complaints or struggles in the ever present social media outlets of the day I find it to be a little bit intrusive. I guess you can call me old fashion in that sense. So when Jenna started this blog I was like wow this is good because we can discuss the interesting events that we have encountered during our adoption journey and she can transpose those out to the world (really just our family and friends) to see. It was a perfect arrangement, I provide some material, she provides the other 95% and we are good to go.  Well, I guess that I need to get over my thoughts on the matter of blogging, facebooking, tweeting or whatever other outlet I have left off because this blog is not really about me or Jenna, it really is a timeline, a record of this amazing journey that God has placed on our hearts. This is what our little girl will look back on one day to see that God had a plan for her and most importantly that God placed her on our hearts before we even knew who she was. I hope that Eliza will be able to reflect on this one day when she is older and see that our journey to her was not easy at times and that even though it was not easy God would not let us fail, he keeps his promises, he is faithful and he brings us hope.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. It will test even the strongest man and bring him to his knees in tears. It has also brought joy, the joy that is so amazing it is hard to explain with words. It has brought love, a love that is unconditional, and a love that was present even before we knew who you were. Now all of these feelings are so amazingly powerful but, none have been as powerful as what I have seen and felt from my God. My God has given me strength to overcome the wait, the longing, the stress, and the fears and through it all it has created a new spirit within me. People, when they find out what we are doing they tend to say “ Wow, you guys are awesome” or “Man, she really is going to be blessed” and this is somewhat true but, folks let me tell you I have been so overwhelmingly blessed throughout this journey words can’t begin to describe it. I find it funny how God works in our lives, how he places the right people in our lives at the right time and moment when you need them the most and through this journey I have been so blessed to have Him intercede in my life and take me down a few notches and lift Him up a few.

God is so amazing and the one thing that I have learned is that when he knocks at the front door of your heart you better answer because he definitely has something special in store for you. We started out on this journey without a set in stone plan, without having all of the answers, and without knowing what the future would hold for us. Let me tell you it was scary, especially for a Type A, micro managing, nut case like myself  but, this decision to follow what God placed on our hearts was too easy not to. Every time there was a sense of doubt there was a revelation of peace, every time there was a roadblock He moved the mountain, and every time I needed Him he was there.

It is my hope and my prayer that if you are reading this and you have ever questioned God’s presence or questioned plans that he has in store for you, please open your heart and let him in. It is so easy and once he is in there buddy you better watch out because you can bet that you will being doing things that you never thought that you would have ever done.

So my sweet baby E, Mommy and Daddy can’t wait until we can finally get to hold you in our arms. We feel like a part of our family is missing without you being here. I know that we will be there soon to bring you home but, nonetheless it is so hard to wait. I bet I have watched that 3 minutes of video of you over 1000 times and each time I see it practically brings me to tears of joy knowing that God has blessed my life to be you Dad. So hold on little E we will be there soon.

Love You,