My Front-Row Seat

Last year in April, our family had a garage sale. It was amazing. Lots of families from our church donated items for us to sell. The turnout was awesome. Only God could have provided all that he did. He provided friends who came and supported us. He provided more funding for our adoption than I could have ever dreamed.

God is so interesting. The way he weaves stories together just blows me away.

The night before our yard sale, a sweet mother down the street was looking online. She had just moved to Huntsville and didn’t know many people in the area. She happened to come across our classified ad for the yard sale. She told her husband that she felt like she needed to go and to support us because they were in the midst of adopting from China as well.

Fast-forward to the day of the yard sale. I am standing there collecting money as fast as I could. Up walks this super-happy sweet person. She hands me a check, and says she just wanted to come by and support us. She was in the middle of adopting, and we were at the exact same point in our adoption processes. She gave me her contact information. And that’s where our story began – at a yard sale.

Over the last 9 months, God has just made us precious friends. I have watched her journey to her little girl unfold, and it has been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I have had a front-row seat to the miracles of God.

God placed a little girl in my friend’s heart 9 months ago. He told her that she was their daughter. Ever since she told me about this little girl, Daniel and I have been praying for her. We have prayed and prayed and finally last week we got the happiest news. Little “Charlotte” had been matched with my friend and she will get to live down the street from our family. It was AWESOME. But here is the most incredible part:

It turns out that there is this precious person in China who has held Charlotte since she was first brought to the foster home. She named her. She prayed scripture over her as if she were her own. The way God has held this little girl is truly the most amazing thing I have ever gotten to witness.

God writes the most beautiful stories. He gives us so many blessings along this journey of life. He gives us friendships. He gives us reassurances. He gives us HOPE.

Taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). He says, “Just try me. Test me out. See if you don’t like what you find.”

Maybe some of you with a super-picky toddler will understand this. I feel like this with our 2-year-old Ben. We say, “Just try it. Just try this piece of steak. It is SOOOO Good. Just take a crumb of it. If you just take this little crumb, you will SEE that it is amazing. You will see that there is nothing better.” Do you see that in this scripture?? Just taste and see. He says just test me. Just try me. Just give me a chance. But instead of steak, our Ben settles for Cheetos and Goldfish – instead of steak. I don’t want to settle for Goldfish when God has steak waiting for me.

He wants us to give Him the opportunity to reign in our hearts. He says, “Just see if you don’t like what you see once you trust me. See if you don’t start to understand the good that I have for you.”

If you are still reading, don’t stop now. This is a blog post written by the precious person who has been with and caring for my friend’s daughter since the beginning. She has loved her as her own. You have to READ THIS – the most amazing story of selfless love.

God there is none like you.




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