Surprise! It’s a party!

What I thought was a fellowship lunch at church last Sunday, turned out to be a surprise 1st birthday party for Eliza. Be. Still. My. Heart. It was truly the most fun, crazy thing that anyone has ever done for us. Seriously, we have the sweetest friends!

Back when we got Eliza’s referral in September, she was almost 8 months old. I was very hopeful that we would get to bring her home by her 1st birthday. I knew it was a long shot, but I just really thought that would be the coolest thing ever. For Sydney and Ben, I threw them a really special 1st birthday party. I know they won’t remember it, but I just love planning that day and making it really special. Anyways, I wanted Eliza to have a Sheri C cake for her birthday. I wanted all of our friends and family to get to be there. But as the days ticked by and we waited 95 days for our LOA, it became more and more clear that there was no way we were going to make it to China in time for her birthday.

But it turns out, that we got to have an amazing birthday for Eliza even though she wasn’t home yet. Is that amazing? There was a beautiful Sheri cake (just like I always wanted). There was BBQ, potato salad, baked beans and chips. There were presents for Eliza. So. Stinking. Fun.

To every person who came and made our day so special: Thank you so very much. This party to celebrate our little girl’s big day made what would have been a hard day a beautiful day instead. We feel so loved and we are so grateful for the way you have all held our family through this long and sometimes difficult adoption process. Our hearts are forever grateful for all of you. We love you guys!

Here are some pictures from the party. Thank you Tatum for taking these beautiful pictures. You are precious! Ada, Thank you for being sly and putting this together. You are a crazy fun friend.

IMG_1723 IMG_1720 IMG_1762 IMG_1756 IMG_1748ed IMG_1760 IMG_1763 IMG_1713IMG_1777ed IMG_1785 IMG_1774cr IMG_1774 IMG_1768 IMG_1765ed IMG_1740 IMG_1737 IMG_1734 IMG_1736 IMG_1715 IMG_1732edIMG_1799 IMG_1794 IMG_1793ed IMG_1801IMG_1805

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