The Nursery That Love Built

With just a few weeks until we leave, Little E’s nursery is almost finished. I am so happy with how it has come together so far. There are so many elements to it that make it special and personal. I know the pink/gray nursery color scheme is very popular right now, but I just loved it too much not to join in on the fun. Check out the pictures below and see what you think. Once we decided on a color scheme, bit by bit it just all came together.

First, we will start with the crib. This crib is GORGEOUS. It is a vintage-white color with beautiful little spindles and floral/vine detailing on the legs. It is just so pretty. This crib is so special because it was given to us as a gift from a family at our church. They wanted to do something very special for us, and this my friends, took my breath away. When I thought about bringing Eliza home, I never dreamed (in 10 bazillion years) she would have such a beautiful bed. People have loved us so well throughout this journey. I would love to be able to do this for someone else one day. Such a beautiful way to show love and kindness. The crib will grow with Eliza so hopefully she will get to enjoy it for many many years to come.


Ok, next up…the bedding. This was so super lucky and awesome. We had decided on pink and gray, but hadn’t purchased anything for her room. One night, I was on Facebook just scanning away and suddenly this girl that lives close by posted this gorgeous crib bedding. It was a set from Restoration Hardware – listed on the online yard sale for cheap a SUPER-DUPER-STEAL-OF-THE-CENTURY. Whoo-hoo!! So, my little fingers typed as fast as I could and I got it!! Yay!! The set was unused. They had bought it and then had to move 2 times and they had never even set it up. I can’t even fathom buying all of this and then not even getting to use it. The whole set included the quilt, bumpers, crib skirt, plush blanket, night light, lamb, lamp shade, pink e…can’t you just see me jumping up and down for joy when I saw this??? I was flipping out. Seriously flipping.


Another side view of the bed…


Ok, this next picture is one of my favorites because it includes some of my VERY VERY favorite things in her room. The dresser is something we already had. It was part of Sydney’s bedroom suite. She really didn’t need two dressers so we scooted this one into the nursery. Let’s start with the lanterns. These are a-stinking-dorable. My precious cousin Amanda brought me these when she came to visit us a few weeks ago. She was able to get them at World Market awhile back, and I just love them. They are such a fun twist and bring the room some fun, much-needed color. I love the little Asian elements that are scattered throughout. I hope Little E will always treasure the unique elements that we incorporated to celebrate the amazing heritage and beautiful culture that will always be a part of what makes her who she is. The red antique trunk sitting on the floor was a gift from Eliza’s grandmother, Nana. She happened to come across it in Florence, Alabama. It is so cool. I love its big brass latch and all of the tiny etched details. A picture just doesn’t do it justice. It was such a neat surprise the day she brought it over for us. For now, it is holding all of Eliza’s little toys and extra blankets. It works out great. The little book on the dresser is called, “I Love You Like Crazy Cakes”. The book is very special to me because…guess who gave it to me? None other than Lily B.!! Since it is her favorite book, she wanted Eliza to have one too. Precious with a capital P. Anyways, Lily wrote in the front cover a little note for Eliza, and we will cherish it always.


Just a look inside her crib. The doll is a “Baby Be Blessed” doll. We ordered this for Eliza back in June before we had even seen her. It took about 5 months for it to come in, but it was worth the wait. On her tummy is a special message from me and Daniel. We are planning to give it to her on gotcha day. I can’t wait.


An upclose look at the lantern.
20140125_133320Eeeeeeekkkk…can’t wait to show you this next part. This is seriously one of my favorite things EVER. My dear friend Jackie got me this, and I just love love love it. This is a watercolor print of China that she had made for me. She gave it to me several months ago. We finally have it hanging up over the dresser, and it is the perfect touch. LOVE IT!


A detailed look at the chest.


This is the other pop of color. This is Eliza’s “My roots lie here” print. It’s crazy to think how far she away she really is…so let’s not talk about it. Quick, change the subject!!


“I’m a princess and my father is the King of Kings” sign for her closet door. Thank you Tatum!!


My grandmother, Momsy, made this simply beautiful quilt for Eliza. It is one of my greatest treasures. I am so blessed to have a quilt that Momsy has made for each of my children, and I will cherish them always. Eliza’s is filled with big multi-colored circles. It is sitting on a little rocker. This rocker is Sydney’s too. They will both use it. So, I’m not getting rid of it. EVER. Don’t even ask. ha!

Well, I guess that does it. I sure hope e-baby likes it. One thing is for sure, a lot of LOVE went into it from a lot of people (especially her daddy who slaved away for days making sure it was painted perfectly). That makes me happy. When I think about all of the beautiful people that made this room special, it is so sweet. Sometimes, I take a peek in there and daydream about what it will be like the day her little head pops up over the top of that crib railing. It won’t be long now.

Thanks for reading!

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