This little boy…has my heart


Anyone who knows Ben, knows what a sweet heart he has. He really is such a precious kid. He loves with his WHOLE heart. He is all boy. He just started pre-k and hasn’t missed a beat. At 4 years old, you will find him playing spiderman football (basically just playing football but in a full spiderman costume) with his daddy, video games on the iPad, legos and cars galore. I love him to pieces. It has been so sweet to watch him wait on his little brother, Silas. He prays for Silas every night. He prays, God – I’m sorry it is taking Silas so long to get here. I hate that it must feel like 10 eternities to him. He is trying so hard to be patient. Silas is going to be lucky to have Ben as his big brother. Everybody loves Ben. He is a rocking little kid! I secretly wish he would never grow up. I try to remember every little thing he does. Love him!


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