FAQs: Adopting Silas

  1. P1000796Did you know you were going to get two children from China all along?That would be a BIG HUGE FAT N-O! We had no idea when we started the process to adopt Eliza that we would ever be adopting again. We had no plans to have a fourth child.
  2. So, when did you know you wanted to adopt again? Well, this is a tough one. I remember me and Daniel looking at each other in China and saying to each other that we couldn’t imagine not going through this process again. Our first adoption was the hardest thing I think we have ever done. But, I have also learned along the way that you find your life when you lay your life down. It makes NO sense and then makes every bit of sense. It is so so true. My life is so much richer now. My life feels more fulfilled and more grateful now. I don’t think that there is any better way we could have spent our time, money, thoughts and efforts. The paperwork – worth it. The tears – worth it. The unknown- worth it. The surgery -worth it. The financial concerns – worth it. Travel fears – worth it. 10866021_10204436209079784_663005098973284850_o - Version 2The adoption process for Eliza grew us in so many ways. It was uncomfortable. It grew our faith and relationships with the Lord. It grew our love for each other. It taught us more about the Father’s love for each of us. My love for her is boundless. Here is what I would say. No, we didn’t know that we were adopting again, but we are so thankful to be on this journey for a second time. There is nothing else I would rather be doing with my time or my energy or our finances. We applied in January of 2015 for a second adoption, but didn’t move forward with the process until April 2015. So, that’s that.
  3. Why are you adopting a little boy this time? I thought there weren’t boys in China available for adoption? Years ago, the children available for international adoption from China looked very different than they do today. 10 years ago, most babies that were available for adoption from China were healthy infant girls. Since that time, domestic adoption within China has become more widely accepted. Additionally, there have been some significant changes made to China’s one-child family planning policy that had been in effect since the 1970s. Because of these changes and the social stigmas in China surrounding children with Special Needs combined with poverty and the lack of health insurance and social welfare safety nets, children with special needs are abandoned frequently in China. Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-kid-boy-bubbles-back-leeroy-copieThere are both girls and boys with very minor to severe special needs in China who need families. There are currently more boys (by about 3x) on China’s shared list than there are girls. I know. This isn’t what we realized or expected either, but it is true. So, we are thrilled to adopt a boy this time. And I was equally as excited to adopt our girl last time. China is one of only a few countries that allow adoptive parents to select the gender of the child they wish to adopt.
  4. Is the process shorter since you already did this once before? No. It isn’t shorter. We have all the same requirements as before. We do get to reuse our adoption training certificates (score!), but other than that, it is a completely new process starting from scratch. It is definitely easier the second time because we understand the process so much better.
  5. When will you know who he is? We don’t know for sure. I would think we will know who he is by November or December 2015.
  6. What age will he be? Probably between 2 and 3 years old at the time we bring him home.
  7. Will he have the same special need as Eliza? Nope! Probably not. He will have some type of special need, but we won’t know which one until we are matched with our little guy!
  8. When will you travel to get him and how long will you stay? This is a big fat question mark. We really don’t know and it depends on so many other variables it is hard to say. P1000804I would hope we would travel by late spring or early next summer, but we just don’t know. The stay will be 2 weeks.
  9. Where are you in the process right now? Right now, we are about 2-3 weeks from our Dossier going to China. Once our dossier gets logged in, we can be matched with our little boy at any point. We will just be waiting for the phone to ring.

I know I have said this before, but we could have never said yes to adoption if we didn’t have the amazing support system that we have. Our families, our church and our friends are truly the best in the world.
It is much easier to say “yes” to all of the unknowns when you have such a faithful God and a group of people who love you without hesitation.

-In Him,



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