The Story Only God Could Write

This is the most amazing God Story!!! He is living and still working!! This was just shared by my new friend Bonnie a few minutes ago on her Facebook page. She met our son Silas who is waiting for us in China just 8 short weeks ago! Here is what she just shared with her friends…it’s pretty amazing:

“Some of you may recall my post from China about the day I was able to tour Nathaniel’s orphanage. The children I met there are forever seared into my brain. The one face that has haunted me the most is this beautiful boy with the longing eyes. Those eyes have been imprinted on my soul ever since and I have prayed for him many many times. The nannies and agency workers were practically begging me to find him a family. They were telling me, “Look, how smart he is! Look, how sweet he is! Please tell other families about this boy.” It broke my heart. I took as many photos of him as I could in our brief time there. For two months I have been searching for his face on agency photo-listings so that I could advocate for him. I didn’t know his name, his age, his special need. But I knew his face… I would never forget that face! Several weeks ago I posted in our agency’s Facebook group for anyone considering a child from Jilin to please contact me. Last week I received a private message. There was a family reviewing a file of a boy in Changchun and they were curious if I might have met this child during my visit. I asked the mom to send me a photo and I would go through my files and see if I had any pictures. She sent me two pictures…. and my heart nearly exploded out of my chest!!!!! IT WAS HIM!!! I immediately told her, YES! I know this child! I cannot tell you how excited I am that this sweet boy has a family on their way to him! They officially submitted their “Letter of Intent” to adopt this precious soul and are naming him Silas. I finally have a name to add to my prayers! Please join me in praying for Silas and his forever family and new mama Jenna! This is their second China adoption and they are so in love with little Silas already. I have been elated to connect with Silas’ mom and give her all the precious photos and video I had taken of her son. Those sad eyes I saw watching his friends leave the orphanage with their new mommies and daddies… they are about to transform with the love of his own family surrounding him! Please help the Shepards bring home Silas! Rejoice with me tonight!! Silas is not going to be an orphan any longer, he is a beloved son and brother! Praising God for answered prayers.”IMG_2843 IMG_2901 IMG_2906 IMG_2920


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