We Accept!

IMG_2702Last week was a BIG week! We received the hard copy of our LOA! We both gladly marked the box “we accept”. To those who aren’t in the adoption community, it is hard to describe what the feels like. It is just a neat feeling when you do all of this work to gather documents and notarize and doctor appointments and trips to the bank to notarize and proof of this and copies of that and order this and fingerprint here and and and…and then you get to the end of all that and China says – yep, you guys can be his family. And it is just a really neat thing.

The more I look at his picture the more he just makes me smile.

We had to put his “official” name on a document last night. We decided on Silas Matthew Jia Ao Shepard – eeeeeeekkkk my precious son! 🙂


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